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At Revive, we've developed a new way to deliver natural essential oils into your skin - you'll love the results.see the full range

Essential oils,

delivered skin deep to where you need them
For thousands of years, people have been using the natural goodness of essential oils to ease their aches and keep their skin moisturised.

Our “No Mess no Fuss” approach to skincare is specifically formulated to provide the best Essential Oils for improved health and the appearance of your skin with a simple, cost effective solution that can fit around our busy lives and hectic schedules.

At Revive, we’ve found a way to use your natural body heat to release these wonderful oils from a non-messy, reusable thermoplastic polymer gel. Made into comfortable, cotton-covered socks, gloves, wraps and more, it delivers the moisturising relief you’re looking for (and you can use them up to 30 times).

It’s where age-old natural therapies meet modern technology.

Revive your skin with our innovative

spa technology

We’ve adapted the latest in hospital medical technology to embed our oils in a thermoplastic gel, that responds automatically to your body heat. Releasing oils where and when you need them.

And because they’re heat sensitive, it’s safe to wash them in cool water, removing any residue without reducing effectiveness.

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It’s the moisturising relief

you’re looking for

Unlike chemical moisturisers which ‘sit’ on the surface, our essential oils are easily absorbed into to the deeper layers of your skin, in the same way as travel sickness or hormone replacement patches.

We’ve created the perfect blend of the most effective essential oils and moisturising agents to provide the relief you’ve been craving.

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Revive is like nothing you’ve tried before, feel the difference today.

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