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Posted By client / 02/11/2016
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Summer calls for picnics, barbecues with friends and long days in the glorious sun – often leading to nasty sunburn, redness and peeling without the right protection. Keep reading to make sure you’re summer ready, and prevent severe skin damage and discomfort.


Cool Down & Rehydrate
If your skin is still scorching long after the sun has gone down, it’s best to jump into a cool shower (not freezing cold!) for a few minutes. You’ll cool down that hot skin, hopefully stop the burning process and replenish any moisture that was lost. It’s also a good idea to drink some extra water to rehydrate you on the inside too.


Depending on how badly burnt you are, you’ll probably be looking for a remedy from the pain. From aloe vera to yoghurt, you’ll find some all natural remedies here (


A couple of days after, and once the skin is no longer red or tender, exfoliation is crucial. This will remove the dead layer of skin, and prevent nasty peeling. Revive Coffee Body Scrub is a great option, as it also moisturises and rejuvenates damaged skin.


Consider all areas of sun burn damaged skin, you’ll need to treat it to some moisture before it becomes too dry. Even though the oils in our body scrub do wonders, you’ll need a bit extra to bring your skin back to its original glow and softness. Rehydrate as often as necessary with a rich, long lasting moisturizer to condition and further protect.


Make sure you apply SPF products before spending longer than 10 minutes in the sun. A good start is face moisturisers and primers with SPF, that you apply as part of your morning beauty routine. Sun creams now come in varying thicknesses, finishes and scents, so make sure you find one that you feel comfortable using so you prevent serious skin damage next time you’re outdoors.



Fake It Until You Make It
Don’t rely on the sun for your tan – fake tanning products are so advanced now, that you can achieve a really natural look without damaging your skin. Summer is short, so enjoy your time at the beach, with friends and at parties. Just remember to protect your beautiful skin, so it stays that way.

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