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How to Keep Skin Hydrated During the Winter Months

  • 2 min read

Winter weather brings Spiced Chai Latte’s, nights in front of the fire, your favourite pair of boots, but sadly the icy chill can be incredibly irritating and drying on skin. Harsh winters can be very problematic for skin, to keep the skin healthy and reduce itching, redness or chapping, try the following tips to renew that dewy glow during the winter months.

Wash with lukewarm water: Hot bubble baths and long showers in winter are always the desired option, but lukewarm water, particularly when washing your hands or face is best. This is because lukewarm water does not strip the skin of as many oils as very hot water does.

Moisturise immediately after washing: Washing with lukewarm water is not enough, so it’s important that you moisturise skin right afterwards. Try applying a richer moisturiser than usual right after bathing – it will improve the hydration and lock moisture into the skin. Store your favourite moisturisers near the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, laundry and reapply, reapply, reapply!

Choose your moisturiser carefully: What many people don’t know is that not every moisturiser product is good for your skin. In fact, some contain petroleum based ingredients which further dry up the skin during the cold months. When choosing a moisturiser, be sure to go for a formula that contains natural ingredients; look for essential oils with rich moisturising and soothing capabilities, as they are much more likely to keep your skin hydrated during winter. Hydrating ingredients to look for include those in the Revive Therapeutic Skincare range -Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil.

Accessorise with Purpose! Exposing already dry skin to cold weather especially during the winter can have devastating effects. As such, consider covering it up with super cute scarves and gloves to protect it from blustery, cold winds. And while you may not know it, winter sun can also damage the skin so apply your sunscreen daily to exposed areas at all times.

Drink it up! Most people tend to turn to hot drinks during the winter due to cold weather. Here at Revive, we can’t resist a glorious Hot Chocolate in front of a toasty fire either! But because the skin needs to be hydrated from the inside out, consider drinking something else other than cocoa, coffee and tea. Something like warm water with a little lemon can be just as soothing, but with better benefits for the health of your skin!