Coconut Revolution – A Beauty Multitasker The Top 5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Skin
Posted By admin / 10/09/2016

The sweet scent of Coconut – just a hint and it instantly transports you to a tropical paradise; Palm Trees swaying, endless blue ocean and soft golden sand between your toes! Divine!

One of our absolute favourite natural ingredients, Coconut Oil is a skin saviour – it famously offers a multitude of beauty benefits, with its perfect moisturising and skin repairing capabilities. There are several ways to incorporate Coconut Oil into your daily skincare routine and we think these are some of the best!

Revive Coffee Body Scrub: Naturally, this is our favourite! Enjoy the exfoliating benefits from Brown Sugar and natural Sea Salt, as well as the hydrating power of Coconut Oil. Robusta Ground Coffee Beans, a rich source of caffeine will tone, firm and smooth skin. Revive Coffee Body Scrub offers the perfect combination of repair, moisture and skin softness when used regularly.

Nourishing Body Oil: Coconut Oil when massaged directly onto skin will instantly soften and moisturise. The tropical scent it leaves behind reminds you of glorious Summer Holidays spent in exotic locations! If you prefer, you can mix Coconut Oil with Lavender or Peppermint Essential Oils and use the mixture for a relaxing body massage.

Cuticle Softener: Let’s face it. Dry, ragged cuticles can make your hands appear much older than they really are! Applying Coconut Oil directly onto the entire nail bed will help soften them almost immediately thus giving them a younger look. In addition, Coconut Oil helps strengthen your nails.

Lip Balm: Due to its hydrating and incredible skin softening capabilities, Coconut Oil can be used to effectively moisturise the lips every day. We also love the added bonus, that it tastes yummy too!

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Intensive Hair Treatment: When slightly warmed, Coconut Oil turns to a liquid state and can be easily applied to hair to nourish and give it a healthy shine. For best results, place a jar of Coconut Oil into a bowl of warm water to melt. Apply directly to scalp, massaging it from the roots to the tips of the hair, leave for fifteen to twenty minutes (you can intensify the treatment by wrapping your hair in a warm, damp towel). Once your time is up, you will need to shampoo and condition your hair as you do normally. You may need to shampoo your hair twice to rinse out the oil properly. ET voila! Gorgeous, shiny, healthy looking locks restored and renewed!

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Our new and improved formula now includes Coconut Oil in our range of Gel Gloves, Socks and Cracked Heel Socks – the easiest, ‘no fuss – no mess’ way to harness all that ‘Coconutty’ goodness without the oily, greasy feeling left behind.

Coconut Oil has long been revered for its health benefits – as well as being an excellent moisturiser, Coconut Oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal, and provides nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants directly to your skin – perfect for long suffering, hard working hands and feet.

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