DIY Icy Summer Treats
Posted By admin / 01/11/2016
Coconut ice cream with nuts

‘Nice’ Cream
A super simple and healthy summer treat, that’s basically just blended up banana. Can you tell the difference from ice cream?




Berry FroYoblog-4-2

Knock out those sweet cravings with this 5-minute recipe. Pop everything into a blender, and you’ll have a bowl of delicious froyo in no time to cool you down this summer.




Coffee Coconut Ice Creamblog-4-3

Dairy free, but still super creamy. The coffee will add a nice little energy kick on hot afternoons.





blog-4-4Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

For those days where you just need to treat yo self! This one’s as easy as grabbing a packet of Oreos and some different flavoured ice creams. See how creative you can get with flavour combinations!




Banana Bread Ice Cream Sundaesblog-4-5

Once you’ve mastered ‘nice’ cream, these sundaes are the next step up. They’re so deceivingly healthy, you could totally have one for breakfast!


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