Give Your Hair a Break from Blowouts – Embrace Natural and Casual Styles.
Posted By admin / 18/10/2016
Give your hair a break natural style

Beauty and style should be effortless and simple – so why complicate your hair? We’ve searched the internet high and low for some of the best no-fuss hairstyles.


Overnight Heatless Waves

Put down the straightener or curler, and style your hair while you sleep. You’ll probably start to notice your hair is less brittle and that there’s less split ends. The extra sleep in time won’t hurt either!

Messy Buns

There’s nothing more satisfying than throwing your hair into a bun after a long day; but, buns shouldn’t just be for watching Netflix. Messy buns should be your go to summer hairstyle. Simple, stylish and keeps your hair off your face on hot summer days.

Braids for Short Hair

Short haired girls, we’ve got you covered. Braids suit everyone, it’s usually just a matter of ‘practice makes perfect’ – grab your girlfriends and get started.

Messy Side Braid

This is a great style to try if you want to try a style that looks way more complicated than it actually is. You’ll have everyone asking for your hair tips in no time. Hopefully these tips will help you embrace and effortlessly transform your natural locks.


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