The Importance of Caring for Your Neck
Posted By Kelly Dunbar / 31/12/2016

The neck is a crucial part of your skeleton, and has some of the most sensitive skin on your body – but, it’s often forgotten in stretching and skin routines. Follow these tips to make sure you’re looking after your neck to prevent back pain, headaches and keep your skin youthful.

Perfect Posture
Many people suffer from chronic back pain and it usually stems from the neck and spine. This is especially true for those who sit at a desk all day. There’s a few things to consider the next time you’re at a desk;
• The Screen – should be placed directly in front of you, and you should sit at a distance that allows your eyes to focus easily. The top of the screen should be just below eye level – if it’s too high, this places stress on the back of your neck when tilting the head.
• The Keyboard – should also be directly in front of you, and is best laid flat so your hands and wrists aren’t strained by resting at awkward angles. Keyboards should be placed so your elbows and at less than 90 degrees. If too high, unnecessary stress is put on your shoulders.

• The Chair – if you work at a desk, its best to invest in an ergonomic chair. These chairs have customisable back support that you can move for your body shape. The chair should be as close to the desk as possible, and angled down slightly at the front. This makes sure your spine remains straight, and doesn’t start to look like a C.

Neck Stretches
Once you’ve fixed up your posture at work, you can incorporate some stretches into your day. A lot of tension and stress can linger in the neck, so it’s important to keep the muscles soft by stretching them out regularly (this goes for all muscles, really!).

Action Jacquelyn has a great video with yoga stretches targeting the neck.


Good Pillows
You may not know how important a good pillow is for neck health. Pillows affect the way your neck aligns with your spine, with the wrong type of pillow potentially straining your back, creating headaches and impacting your quality of sleep.

Choosing the right pillow depends on how you sleep:
• Back Sleepers choose a flat, thin pillow that supports the head and spine. If you’re looking for extra support, choose a wedge pillow.
• Side Sleepers need a contoured pillow with firm support, allowing the spine to stay in alignment. Your back will feel less strained from sleeping on the side.
• Stomach Sleepers need the least head support. The thinner the better, as the head doesn’t need to be raised too much, as this will only strain the neck. If you experience lower back pain, placing a pillow under your stomach may help.


Don’t Neglect Your Skin
Skin care shouldn’t stop at the chin – the skin on your neck is actually quite thin, and can be more sensitive than your face. When moisturising, continue all the way down the neck, to where it meets your shoulder blades.

Your neck is exposed to the harsh elements, and can be quite difficult to properly moisturise by hand. Revive’s Moisturising Neck Wrap contains thermoplastic gel technology, and easily moulds to your body, releasing a special blend of ingredients to rejuvenate the skin on your neck.

Revive Moisturising Neck Wrap

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