Six Steps to a Flawless Fake Tan!
Posted By admin / 13/10/2016
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It’s time to get summer tan ready! There is no better way to kick start summer than already having a beautiful, bronzed glow. If you want to flaunt that ‘I’ve just been on a luxurious island holiday’ look without the sun damage, and credit card bill, just follow these simple tips.

1. Prepare the skin
Make sure to wax or shave at least 24-48 hours before applying tanning products. This will give you a smooth base to work with, helping your tan last that little bit longer before you potentially damage it by waxing or shaving too soon after.

 2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

The next step in preparing the skin is exfoliation. You’ll love Revive’s Coffee Body Scrub for this vital step – the ground coffee base removes any dry and dead skin that will compromise an even and streak-free tan. Your soft, smooth skin will make application a breeze, and increase the life of that beautiful tan glow even

3. Moisturise
Revive’s Coffee Body Scrub combines coffee and brown sugar exfoliants, and moisturising Jojoba and Coconut oils, so you shouldn’t need to worry about this step. But, don’t forget to target your wrists, knuckles, elbows, ankles, knees and feet – this is where you usually need that extra moisture, to prevent patches of dry skin and fake tan build up that will compromise a fabulous, flawless tan. Make sure to do this the day before applying tan, giving your skin time to absorb the moisture, not leaving a layer between your skin and the product.

4. Cleanse
Right before applying your tan, cleanse the skin of oil, deodorant, moisturiser, makeup – anything that will react with or prevent the tanning product from reaching your skin. This will mean you don’t end up with a visibly streaky tan.

5. Protect your beauty secrets
Wear rubber gloves or a tanning mitt when applying to protect your hands from becoming much darker than the rest of your body. You’ll be able to protect your beauty secrets, and have everyone asking how your holiday was.

6. Stop the stains
This is especially important for those with lighter hair. Dab some Vaseline or an Aloe Vera based moisturiser (anything oil free!) on your eyebrows and hair-line. This will act as a barrier to prevent staining. Some clear nail polish on your finger and toe nails will protect that mani and pedi you treated yourself with. Take some time out and allow yourself a pamper day. You will instantly feel revived, and get summer and tan ready at the same time with Revive Coffee Body Scrub.



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