Summer Skin Prep Doesn’t Stop at Your Ankles!
Posted By Kelly Dunbar / 25/11/2016
Foot Soaked in lemon water

So you’re all buffed, bronzed, beautiful and ready for Summer – that is, until you put on your strappy stilettos for the first time, witnessing the toll Winter has taken on your feet! Ugh! So dry and so not pretty! Not to worry, we’ve got some tips for finishing your summer prep, and getting your feet sandal ready!

Moisturise Daily
You could treat yourself to a foot spa, but who wants to be stuck with their feet in a bowl of water for extended periods? Revive’s Cracked Heel Gel Socks can be worn for just 20 minutes a day, deeply moisturising dehydrated soles with essential oils. Say goodbye to cracked heels from cold weather and thick socks.

Revive Cracked Heel Socks


Revive Coffee Body Scrub

If you’ve been extra neglectful of your feet over winter, you may want to give them a little scrub. Revive’s Coffee Body Scrub will buff away any dead skin that has built up, with the caffeine stimulating blood flow. The coconut oil will leave your feet feeling baby soft and looking super smooth.
Trim and Tidy
Gently rub off your feet with a towel, before grabbing your nail clippers and scissors. Start by gently pushing back the cuticles, and carefully trim any excess. Trim the nails to your desired length and shape. Make sure you do this with lots of little snips, instead of one big one to make sure you don’t break your nails (they could be quite brittle).
Treat yourself to a colourful new shade of nail polish to put you into the summer mood. Don’t forget to apply base coat and top coat to make sure your pedicure keeps up with all your summer plans!
Hopefully these tips help you finish your summer beauty prep. Take care of your feet ladies, they carry you everywhere!



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